Nokia Research Centre announces the Students Call for Proposals 2009

The first round of the Nokia Students Call for Proposals 2009 is now over and we are happy to communicate the names of the three winners:

Hoang PHAM - Bachelor in Life Sciences Arnault Droz-dit-Busset - Master in Computer Science Dante Stroe - Master in Computer Science

The review process was carefully carried out taking into consideration the following criteria: Novelty, creativity, benefit for end user and potential to make market/business impact.

All elected winners displayed a good combination of those requirements.

We also nominated four other proposals to be pushed towards the second round. Therefore,implementation of these proposals will be developed throughout the coming semester.

We want to thank the students who participated in the first round of the Students Call for Proposals for their interest and contribution and we wish that future calls will raise even more interest.


Source: EPFL